Thai or classic massage


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Massage is one of the oldest healing methods. Eastern texts of more than 3000 years old already describe the healing effect.

You will be respectfully massaged from the heart. A good massage brings your body and mind back into balance.

You can choose from a traditional Thai massage or a classic oil massage, foot massage, back neck shoulders and / or a full Body Scrub.

You can get a massage in our Sala, in your room, on your lounger by the pool, but always within the domain of Liam’s Suan Dok Mai.

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If you feel tired after your trip, a hike in the mountains or the jungle, a day trip …. or you just want to relax even more during your vacation. Then go for a satisfying massage. Meet Yum and Bon, our masseuses.

Make an appointment in advance at the reception. Remember that in Thailand it is customary to give a tip after your treatment to your satisfaction.

Massage prices

Feetmassage 1 hour 300 THB

Back neck and shouldermassage 1 hour 300 THB

Oil massage  1 hour 400 THB

Oil massage  2 hour  700 THB

Traditional Thai massage 1 hour 300 THB

Traditional Thai massage 2 hours 500 THB

Body scrub 1 hour 400 THB

Promo 2 hours body scrub and oil massage 700 THB

Promo 3 hours Thai massage + body scrub + Oil massage 950 THB